Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rodeo in the city

The Ram Tour rodeo was in Mississauga this weekend for its concluding event in the 2010 tour.
My brother and I have gone a number of years, and went Sunday. As you can imagine, considering this is pretty much a photo blog, we walked through the door, me with a camera bag and a long lens camera strapped on my neck, and James with two cameras. We bought our tickets from a group of about 5 staff, then walked through the gates, kindly greeted by two more staff. Then we wandered a bit, again, passing lots of staff memembers, and headed to a gate to head into the seats. That's when a gate usher asked "are we media, do we have a wrist band?". No, I reply. Well, "no cameras" is the refrain.
So I head back to the gate to get my money back. Staff there do the classic "well, I didn't let you in" when I say that a million people watched me buy the ticket, and walk through the door. Why didn't anyone stop me then?!?!?!
Eventually talked to some lady who first indicated that too bad, no camera's allowed, before suddenly saying that the Rodeo does allow cameras. She advised the gate usher, and then coming back, advised that there is a sign on the door warning everyone about prohibited items, inlcuding cameras. After the show, I did go back to the front doors to look for the sign, and she was right, there is one. Unfortunately its on the way into the seating area, not into the building. As a result, you buy your tickets BEFORE YOU SEE THE STUPID SIGN!! Lot of good that is. She also indicated its "on your ticket". If anyone can read that tiny print, well, you've got the best eyesight in the world!

Anyways, back to the event.
The show started with the bucking horses,

then they moved into more horse/cattle techniques, like steer wrestling and roping.

Also taking place was some barrel racing,

and some junior bull riding,

which led to the big boys, both in regards to the riders and the bulls!

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