Sunday, September 5, 2010

plane spoting

With the Canadian International Airshow in town, I decided to check out Pearson Airport, to see what was around. A quick check of Flight Aware , a program showing inboud/outbound flights to airport, also showed that the UAE flagged Airbus 380 was inbound from Dubai.

I headed to the classic location, the Wendy's parking lot on Aiport Rd. Your directly under the flight line of the longest runway, 23/05.

Some private planes were in the lineup,

along with more common airline aircraft.

Eventually, you couldn't help but notice the A380 in the background;

and then it was overhead!

Even the massive 747,

was dwarfed by this new aircraft!

I then headed to the north end of the airport, where they usually park the military aircraft. It's here on Google, and what is interesting is that as this point, the satellite view shows the Blue Angels from the 2009 airshow!

The CAF F-18, the US F-16 and the CAF Aurora were on the tarmac.

The F-18 eventually took off while I was there.

A site to check for other plane spotting locations can be found here.

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