Monday, September 6, 2010

Airshow Sunday

Well, what a crappy day in the weather world! Getting into the car and driving down to TO, with my bike on the back, it was raining all the way in. Getting parked, and onto the bike, still raining. Crossing the harbour on the City Ferry, and it was raining. Made it to the beach just north of the airport, still freakin raining!!
Oh well, finally saw some of the aircraft I missed on Sunday.

The anti-sub hunter of the Canadian Forces, the Aurora, was on hand today.

The Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team was on hand, and once again did a great job during their performance.

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets were on hand with both a glider and its tow plane.

The CF-18 Air Demo, with the tail done up to represent the 100 year anniversary of the Canadian Navy, recently crashed in Alberta. As a result, the Hornet Demo was cancelled. However, the CIAS was able to get two CF-18's from Squadron, who did a few flybys for the crowd.

Although I saw the Corsair yesterday, I do like the aircraft, so I include it again today.

Rob Holland was back angain today, and I always like it when they cross near the CN Tower!

And I was right at the runway, I also saw the Porter Airlines planes doing an "airshow take off", where they immediately do a left bank turn to stay out of the air show box.

This one turned while the B-25 was performing.

And of course, some shots of the Snowbirds turning over the island.

Another Canadian "team" performing on the waterfront where the Canadian Geese team!

Also out on the horizon, well, at the end of the island, was a tall ship doing a tour.

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