Sunday, September 5, 2010

Waterfront view of the Airshow

I headed down to the east parking lot area of Ontario Place, to watch some of the CIAS. I was just to the west of the Island Airport runway, where you could see Porter Airline aircraft taking off.

Out in the distance you could see the Canadian Navy's Frigate HMCS Fredericton

One of my favourite WWII aircraft, the Voight F4U Corsair, from Vintage Wings of Canada was on hand to give a performance. The aircraft is done up to represent the plane flown by Hampton Gray, a Canadian Navy pilot who died during an attack on a Japanese ship which earned him the Victoria Cross.

It was joined by a Tutor jet done up in the paint scheme of the Golden Centennaires , which lead directly to the formation of the Snowbirds.

Also on hand was the F-16 of Viper East, from the US airforce. The viper ripped through the skies, showing its capabilities.

A suprise visit was the CC-177 of the CAF, a recently aquirred transport aircraft for the Canadian Forces.

One of the aerobatic performaces was by Rob Holland, in his MX2

And to close out the show, the CAF Snowbirds performed their typical awesome show.

From where I was, I was able to get some shots of the snowbirds flying by the CN Tower, which is always cool! Must have been fun for those in the tower to see!

More photos from Saturday are HERE.

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