Friday, November 27, 2009

Larysa Harapyn

It was about a year ago that I joined my brother at the Fashion sCares event at the Metro Centre. I was eager to attend as I figured it would be a chance to meet the lovely Miss Harapyn!

Years ago, City Tv used to have a segment where they asked people on the street their oponion about a particular subject. Larysa used to do these live in the street. One day while downtown, passing the old Sam the Record Man, I saw Larysa doing the bit. She literally stopped me in my tracks with her looks. It was later in the year, so she was wearing a puffy silver winter coat. And she looked amazing!

So, when James got the chance to go to Fashion sCares, i figured I had my chance to meet her.

We arrived, and were quickly told where we couldn't be. But better to be told that then told "stay here", because we pushed the limits of that approval! At one point, we were right at the edge of the red carpet, when we were spotted by two staff members. There was conversation, and then one pointed right at us. Busted. The non pointer came over and said "sorry, can't be here". We asked where we could go, and it turned out to be the first location, the one we were not allowed to be at. Well that was great, cause that's where all the media was.

Jim was the first to spot her, seeing her hair. I saw a pair of boots that just kept going up. Put them together, and there she was, ready to work for City.

I was nervous as hell as I approached her, and asked if I could take her picture. She smiled and said "mind if I take off my coat". As I've said to anyone I've told this story to, my response should have been "take off anything you want", but I knew it would come out as "blah", so I just nodded my head. She knew how to "work the runway", and went into pose mode. After I thanked her, I headed back to James, then thought that no one would believe I actually met her, so I went back to have my Bro take a picture of the two of us. So I asked her if it would be ok for another picture, and again she smiled and said sure, but it would cost me five bucks! Later on in the nite, I gave her that five bucks by buying her a drink ticket! Oh ya, coolness personified!
Here's a shot of her in action:

After everyone had cleared the red carpet area, they let in the general admission people. One of the women who came to the show wanted to walk the red carpet, so we agreed to treat her as a star and "paparazzi" her!
She loved it!

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