Monday, November 2, 2009

Windy Day at the beach

The first day of November came in on a big wind on Saturday! A big wind usually means that the local lake surfers start heading out to the shoreline to get some action. It was a SW wind, and unfortunately, I don’t know what location would be best, so I cheated, and went as far as Ashbridges Bay. Before that, I checked for windsurfers at Marie Curtis, but at both, no one was there. So I settled for Cherry Beach. Over the time I was there I saw about 6 different windsurfers.

and about the same amount of kite surfers.

They all head to the north side of the Leslie Spit, and wearing black wet/dry suits, the pretty much all blend into the background, but occasionally they came close enough to get some action shots, including one guy who attempted a flip of some kind on his board, but finished in the water!

Also, the po-po were playing with their boat out in the rough waves, going out and back a few times. Hate to be on that boat as it was jostled by the waves!!

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