Sunday, November 15, 2009

Festival of Lights

Well, took a trip with my bro to Niagara Fallslast weekend. We've been there a few times in the past, and its been pretty good.
This year, not so much.
It was very misty, but the worst part was that the fireworks lasted a grand total of 2min and 10 seconds. 130 seconds in total. Since it was about 120km from Acton, thats pretty much a km of travel per second of fireworks!
So it quickly went from this:

to this:

Again, with all the mist, even the light show on the falls wasn't as spectacular as it was previous years.

We also hit the casino, and I kind of got ripped off. I played a 15 buck minimum roulete, and the guy took my 20 bucks, and said "inside or outside". He explained outside was colours, while inside was numbers. So I went with red on the outside and lost. What I found out later was that I could have put 20 $1 bets down instead. Kind of pissed me off when I found out!

oh well.....

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