Friday, November 27, 2009


Sunday the 21, searching the internet, I found a site for the Toronto Roller Derby league.
That nite, they were having the final event of the season, so I thought hey, why not check it out.
I looked around the site, and saw that it took place at a gym in the Hanger, at Downsview Park. Looked like sight lines would be great, as they had a good crowd, but not a big crowd.
The site advised that tickets were available at a few site (all downtown), or at ticketmaster. The problem with that was that they also added a service charge.
So, I arrived promptly at 6:30, gathered up my camera, and headed inside. After waiting 5 minutes at the front (I'm sure that the phone call the attendant had wa important, but maybe should have been on their own time!)She finally hung up and told me I was in the wrong location. Went back to my car, circled around the place and found the right location.
Once inside, I was about 10th in line when a volunteer advised that the place was already sold out!! Very dissapointing. I felt suckered by travelling all the way there to find it already sold out, but hey, good for them!
I will get to an event there one of these days!

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