Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cavalcade of Lights

With the construction at the Toronto City Hall square, the normal two to three week long festival was changed to about an hour on Saturday!

Various artists were on hand to perform for the crowd, with the event starting at 7pm sharp. Shawn Desman, Divine Brown and Sarah Slean and host Kevin and Ingrid shared the stage.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the trampoline show put on by Haute Vol.

Once the music was done, the fireworks started, of course being Toronto, there was an announcement ahead of time to warn the crowds that "big noises" would soon be happening!

Once that was done, the sky lit up with a great show.

After the show, the Fire Guy performed for the crowds, doing amazing things with fire,

and while carefully balancing on top of a box, and balanced on a plastic tube, while an audience member throws the tourches to him!

Throughout the nite, on the east side of the square, companies like Burt's Bees,

and Canadian Tire were on hand to provide free samples and gifts for the crowds.

Canadian Tire also had Debbie Travis on hand and I must say, she was a great sport, chatting with all those in line, including myself. I had to ask her about pronouncing Urinal, from her show From the Ground Up, as with her accent it came out like Your Anal! Too funny!

In the end, the large crowd left a huge mess for the City to clean up. To me, kind of a sad way to end a great show.

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