Sunday, November 14, 2010

zebra mafia

The Toronto Roller Derby games couldn't go on without the various refs needed to keep the game on track.

At the start of the game, the refs line up on the inside of the track, drop to one knee, and join in the introduction of the two teams.

Nicki Nine Lives:

Penny Whistler:

From their page on the main Tord site, the refs are:

The Big Leboutski, Co-Head Ref #300
Penny Whistler, Co-Head Ref #29cu
Classic Joker #13
Elvis Refsley #1956
Lou's Yer Daddy #717
Lozzy the Aussie #01 01 01
Nicki Nine Lives #9
Parking Lot #8705
Quadney Dangerfield #88
Ro$ Vega$ #777

There is also a Facebook page with their info.

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