Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tord championship

After a very physical game, here are your 2010 Toronto Roller Derby Champions, the Gore Gore Rollergirls!

Congratulations to both teams for a great game!

Chicks Ahoy and the Gore-Gore Rollergirls with the championship trophy!

The Final Score!

The action started early in the day, with both teams getting on the track for both practice,

and some heavy duty stretching!

As it was championship nite, the sold out event crowd was lined up outside the door.

Those who felt unlucky enough to have tickets were still in luck, in that it was announced that Rogers Cable was on hand to film the entire event. It will be shown on Dec 4, 2010.

The intro's were made, with the Gore Gore Rollergirls and the Chick Ahoy teams coming onto the track.

Then with the stands packed full, the game began.

After the hard game, the Gore Gore Rollergirls took the win.

And as the winner of the 2010 Championship, the Gore Gore girls took the "BOOT"

for another year!

As always, this is a hard fought game, but both teams have a genuine friendship with the other teams, so they got together for a team photo, both sharing in the game victory!

And like any good sport, there was great interaction between the teams and the fans, which will only grow the sport even more!

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