Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Lakes Shipping

On the way back from the Niagara area, I always like to stop at the Burlington Lift Bridge. There's a variety of things that happen in this area, from the large plants belching fire on the Hamilton waterfront, to the lift bridge itself.
Today, a ship from the inner harbour was making its way out into Lake Ontario.

The ship, the Clipper Loyalty , was built in 2006, and is registered in the Bahamas.

I'm always fascinated on the "push" of water that preceeds a big ship like this, and how it creates almost a "hole" in the water level just beyond the bow.

And it is interesting to see the lifeboat used.

This close up shows that the boat is designed to literally dive into the water once the men are inside and the boat is released.

Although its hard to see, the crew are in the bridge of the ship, making sure there is a safe passage under the lift bridge.

While other crew work on deck.

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