Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Gales of November Magilla Schaus Memorial

Magilla Schaus was a big part of what's called fresh water surfing, specifically the Great Lakes.
He recently passed away, and to celebrate his life, the local surfers, along with the ESA, held a memorial contest. I follow Origin Surf, which let me know it was happening.
Predicting surf conditions isn't easy, specially weeks in advance, but the date was picked and Saturday morning found the winds howling on Lake Erie at Crystal Beach.
A number of surfers slapped on their wet suits to jump bodly into the chilled water.
Using both long and short boards, the guys hit the waves, doing run after run in the water.
I was there from 9 to 12, and it was a non stop procession of surfers.
And, while these guys are going out in a couple of milimeters of neoprene, I wimmped out and started taking pics from inside my car, rather than the out in the howling wind!

I will have some more pics up on my PBase account as well!

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