Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Jam of 2010

TORD had a training camp, held over the past week. Blood and Thunder Magazine sponsored the event, with derby members coming from all over Canada and the US.
After the week of training, a selected group were put into two teams, for a final jam.

The two teams were the White Trash,

and the Black Mamba's.

Even the refs were selected for the game, from across the continent.

This was a hard match, with lots of hitting, and lots of girls down on the track.

Both teams had effective blocking,

including some "walls" of blocking, using different techniques, especially off the start of each jam.

It started off with the Black Mamba's taking a pretty good lead, but especially into the second half, the White Trash battled back.
With some key penalties against the BM's, there were a few occasions where no jammer was available while the WT team was able to accumulate lots of points. Near the end, with the lead going back and forth, it ended with a 1 point difference, and only 3 seconds (or one jam) left.

But in the end, a final jam lead by TORD's own Bambi

saw the Black Mamba's take the win!

Congrats to both teams for a very close, hard fought game!

A great feature over the intermission was Mo Saunders, AKA the GRN MNSTR, AKA Barack O'Trauma aka Quadzilla L.K, who had an amazing skating ability, and showed it off. As he skated the track, audience members began to shout "jump...jump", and suddenly half a dozen people ran onto the track and dropped down in a row. After some arranging, the people were layed down on the track, and he built up speed and did a jump. It was great, specially as he kept adding people, all of whom were eager to join the group!

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