Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark Dailey Memorial Service

This afternoon, at the Yorkminster Park Baptist Church,

family, friends and strangers on the street joined in a celebration of the life of Mark Dailey.

The was an honour gaurd made up of the Police horses,

and a EMS ceremonial guard.

I talked with one of the EMS guards, and they were all honoured to be there for Mark. They had recently come back from Buffalo, where they took part in a Pearl Harbour event.

A Piper performed inside at the begining of the ceremony, and say what you want, but there is no more powerful of an insturment than the bag pipes!

Some of those in attendance included politicians,

Brad Duguid

former CityTV staff,

John Gallagher

Peter Silverman

Liz West

and current staff.

Michael Kuss

Hugh Burrill

Pam Seatle

and competing news staff, including Jim Junkin

Also on hand were John Tory

and Chief Bill Blair

and of course, the "father" of CityTV, Moses Znaimer.

As I mentioned previously, although I did not know him well, I have yet to ever hear a bad word about Mark Dailey.

Show your support by providing a dontation in Marks name to Prostate Cancer Canada.

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