Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter in the Market

The annual Kensington Market Winter Solstice was recetnly held, witha parade and a fire festival.
Those on hand could either make their own latern, or buy a ready made one, hawked by two attendents with a bullhorn!

Once you had your lantern, you joined the parade to the Alexander Park south of Dundas St. In the parade were band members, costumed characters,

and even stilt walkers,

and even Olivia Chow joined the parade, riding her horse!

Once everyone gathered around the baseball field,

the band began to play, and the fire show started.
The first event was skipping with a rope on fire!

Then troop members brought out various ropes and chains, all topped with fire. They gave everyone a chance to watch them juggle or swing ball's of fire through the air.

Once that was done, and after a drum display from some natives, the troop began to breath fire onto the center piece, eventually setting it alight.

And for the final, one guy had balls of fire which he juggled! It was pretty cool (or hot!)

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