Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anime North

The Toronto Congres Center was home to the Anime North convention. Now, I will be honest, I have no idea of who, or even what, these guys were dressed as, but for sure enjoyment, you just can't beat events like this, and things like the Fan Expo or various Comic Cons.

Some of the costumes had themes, like "BIG".
There were Big Hands;

Big Guns:

And Big Heads:

Many had very elaborate, home built costumes:

While others had simple things, like contacts, that made them stand out as well!

These guys had great costumes,

and ended up winning an award for their efforts.

Fotunately for me, I didn't have to pay to get in, becuase I didn't need to be inside, as many of those attending were outside, enjoying the weather as the sun was out.

Another person on hand was Lady Vezina, who was advertising (very effectively if you ask me) for Cinched Tight Corsets!

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