Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Expo

I've always been a fan of the guys who do the Star Wars role playing. And like a lot of fans, I do enjoy seeing the stormtroopers. After seeing a few at local events, I saw that the Fun Expo was this saturday, held by the Force United Niagara, in Welland Ontario.
This is the fifth year for the event, and it was well attended, by both fans and participants.
The 501st Legion, along with the London Rouges of the Rebel Legion joined the local members of F.U.N. to host the event. On hand were clones,

bounty hunters,

normal stormtroopers and a couple of bike troopers,

Blackhole troopers,



and Lord Vador himself!

Also on hand were lots of litle kids, including a scale Vader doing his best VW commercial,

little Leia,

and little troopers.

There was a very life like statue of Yoda,

as well as a "real" version!

Also on hand was Anthony Forest who was the famous santrooper who had a jedi mind trick played on him, to let him know that ".. these are not the droids your looking for"!

And some of the vendors included a cake making company that had the perfect cake for the event!

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