Monday, May 23, 2011

Join the Circus!

As it was the Victoria Day long weekend, with the British Union Jack flying at City Hall,

I decided to go down to the Harbourfront Centre to check out the activities. The crowds were entertained by Vague de Cirque

First on stage was a lovely woman in a large pink dress,

who unfortunately did not have the greates legs in the world!

She sang an opera, Madame Butterfly!

Then a gymnast came out and did amazing things, hanging from a hoop from the roof,

including this move, where the only thing holding her up was the back of her neck!

After that, the pink dress lady was back, but trying to distract the juggler,

who did an amazing watching his balls!

Also performing was a contortionist, who moved her body in to what I can only assume are some painfull positions.

The highlite of the show was this guy, who came out with a very large hoop. I thought he was going to hoola hoop it, but instead, he became a human gyroscope, twirling the hoop while he was inside. It was very original, and a great show to see.

Then they all came out to take there bow to the crowd, and I guess the juggler was tempted by the lady during the rest of the show, as they came out with a baby!

Wandering the site a couple of very tall people!

As well as this dog that seems to be saying "set me free"!

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