Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liza Fromer

I used to watch Breakfast Television a long while ago, when it was Liza Fromer and Kevin. It was sad to see her leave, when she had her first child. She bounced back a bit with her show "the List", but it wasn't the same.
Now, I've read online that she will be returning to morning television, only this time on Global TV.
Its sad to see how these former CityTV people have been let go, and eventually show up on other channels. This include Anne Mroczkowski, Alex Pierson, now with SUNTV

and even Pam Seattle,

who was canned by City, but that seemed to be short lived, as she was back for the G20 on City.

And I'm still hoping to see Larysa Harapyn return to the airwaves, but its been a while.

Welcome back to TV Liza!

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