Sunday, June 19, 2011

Global Morning

As was announced a few weeks ago, Global TV will be starting up a new morning show, and the host's would include Liza Fromer, former BT host, who took some time off from TV to have some kids.

As part of the Festival on Bloor today (celebrating the completion of a large amount of construction on the street in the Yonge St area), there was a concert featuring Platinum Blonde. C0-hosting the show was Liza herself.

It was great to see her, as I always enjoyed watching her on BT, so I look forward to the new show. Who could ever forget the incident with the lemure. My favourite moment was when she started quoting an entire scene from Bob and Doug McKenzies Strange Brew!

The future set is still under construction, but was just down the street from her hosting job. Liza said that it will be a great facility, and that fans are welcome to come and say hi during the show.

The other hosts are Dave Gerry, news anchor Kris Reyes, and the press release says "two others" to be announced later. Well, considering how many CityTV people are showing up on Global, maybe they need a great entertainment reporter!

Good luck to you Liza!

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