Sunday, June 19, 2011

Toronto Pro Supershow

The Toronto Pro Supershow visited Toronto for the first of an annual event to celebrate the fitness bussines, and to show off the efforts that both Men and Women put into their bodies.

Some of the events inlcuded a series of events featuring women, which included Bodybuilding Judging in Fitness, Figure Open, Figure Masters, Bikini in the morning, followed by the Oxygen Fitness Model Search and MuscleMag Bikini Model Search in the afternoon.

Now the morning women included some very ripped women.

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of this kind of look in women, but obviously it was very popular, and the judges had to choose a winner for each division.

In the afternoon, the look was more refined, rather than ripped, and this was to me much more interesting.

Number 17 was my favourite,

and I also had a chance to see her walking around the show.

The show also included the Ontario Amatuer Strongman Competition, in which various strength challenges were on tap, such as lifting a car, hauling heavy chains and carrying weights in each hand, and the challenge of lifting a large diameter stone from floor to the top of a stand, then back to the ground and up again as many times as possible in a set time.

Also on hand were some weight lifting, some combat sports (which were not on while I was there)

as well as many sales pavilions. While many were staffed by further ripped people, some went with some pretty models.

including the girl on the right, who we met outside the building during a quick break from the show.

She was helping her friend with her clothing line, Mode Risque

At the end of the day, I have to say I have not seen so much silicone and tanning products, along with so many ripped people, all in one place!

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