Saturday, January 1, 2011

Polar Dip

What does one do on a rainy day after new years eve? Jump in the lake!
Thats what a bunch of people have done across the GTA.
There is the Courage Brothers in Burlington, but closer to home is the Polar Dip held at Sunnyside Beach.
My brother and his family took part in this one last year, but this year, I was there again only as a spectator to the event.
The charity is Habitat For Humanity, in the Toronto area.
Led by a piper, the crowd moved towards the beach, including elvis.

Then, once the countdown had ended, the run into the water began.

And even faster, the run to get out quickly followed!

But Elvis took time to take a quick picture before heading back to shore.

Another event in the GTA is the the Sears Great Canadian Chill, in support of childrens cancer treatments.

Obviously the support of a sponsor helps, in that this dip had a heated tent, heated change room, and even a fancy toilet, provided by It's My Potty.

Inside the tent, a young man told his story of dealing with Cancer, three times going through major operations, and hopefully kicking the disease for good this time.

Watching was this young girl,

who was in the first group into the water,

and seemed to handle the cold well!

Also on hand was this girl, dancing up a storm with the bear mascot,

before going totally under the water,

but came out smilling!

This dip also featured more costumes, inlcuding Heidi,

a guy in a mascot suit (who I think ran this race just before this!)

and the blue ball guy (notice where everyone is looking?)

The dip also featured "waves" of entery into the water, and this young man led the way in the first wave.

Even the MC joined in the run into the water.

This group of girls were in and out about 4 times, and seemed to really be enjoying themselves!

While these guys made it a family affair.

This event is looking to go from two events (Toronto, Ottawa) raising 25,000 to multiple cities and over 1 million in donations.

Good luck to all the great charities involved in the various dips!

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