Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Pants Subway Ride

Improve Everywhere held its annual No Pants Subway Ride, where 6 groups of 30 or more people joined the regular subway riders during the afternoon on Sunday.

Meeting at the north side of Queens Park,

the groups were instructed by "car leaders" representing each of the six cars on the train.

One person in each group agreed to immediately remove their pants after getting on the southbound subway at Museum. Once the train stopped for the next station, they got out to wait for the next train.

At each stop, larger groups took off their pants, and waited for the next train, with a result that as the second train came south, more and more half naked riders got on at each station.

Most people took it in great stride,

while one person on a train made me laugh as I was taking pictures. She was in front of me, with her back to me, and kept turning around when my flash went off. Finally, she called me over to say "I don't want to be in your pictures". My first thought was that as long as you stop turning around, you won't be, but I told her that I wouldn't put her in the shot!

Most of those involved played the part great, acting as if nothing different was happening.

At each stop I jumped to the next car to get more shots, before we all got off at Eglinton,

and started the trip back to Museum. At the end, the car I got on was definately the party car, with a guy doing a bit of standup, and posing with the others.

I'm pretty sure those two will end up in the newspaper tomorrow, and CP24 was on hand during the event as well.

Eventually everyone got off, had a group hug, and that was the end!

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