Sunday, January 9, 2011

G20 protest

Saturday I woke up to a huge amount of snow which had fallen overnite. I figured this would have a big impact on the proposed G20 protest planned for that day at Queens Park.
Upon finding a parking spot in the snow, a short walk to the south side of Queens Park found a collection of police, on foot, cycle, in cars, and vans.

And eventually, a little over 100 protestors gathering at the very south end of the area.
Included in the crowd was world famous bubble blower Courtney Winkels

The crowd did some classic chanting, and although the first discussion with the police was that there would be no march, the crowd decided to head down University,

across Dundas and up Yonge.

Of course that route brought the crowd to College, and Police Headquarters, where the chanting was for Chief Blair to resign.

As the crowd approached, it was clear that the police station was aware, and more police were on hand to block the entrance.

At one point, there was a line of police, and a few media people went down the line and behind, only to be kicked out by a sgt who, to be honest, was a bit of a knob! He came over, a couple of plastic cuffs on his belt, and yelled "don't cross a police line", to which the video camera man said "there was no line", which was true, as most of the bike cops were directly in the middle of the building.

During the whole event, one memeber was collecting all the police names and badge numbers,

and found one not wearing his badge. Looking at my pics, its possible that the officer on the right is that man,

as he definatly has no name on the front, and if you compare his shoulder tabs to the other two, it doesn't look like he has his badge number either.

On the other hand, the officer in control of the entire day was doing a great job. He was always in conversation with the protesters, and was calm through out the day.

And finaly, here is my brother as he covers the event for his own blog!

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