Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beer's to you, old amigo....

Anyone in the Halton Peel Region is aware of the "BIG MOVE", the transportation of 6 immense fermentation tanks which is criss crossing the area. Molson Coors had these tanks built in Germany, shipped to Hamilton, and hauled across the Region to get to the final destination near the 427 and 401 Hwy interchange.

Challenger Motor Freight has the job to haul these tanks, and a predicted 4 day trip is now into the second week!

As the convoy rolls along, an army of support troops both lead and follow. In the lead, linemen are carefully removing wires which cross the route. Where necessary, bucket trucks are used to literaly hoist the wires out of the way.

Once that is completed, the lead vehicle, with a large pole attached, checks the route, ensuring their is no conflict.

Then the vats themselves arrive. Pulled by a Tractor Trailer, the vats sit on a series of steerable wheel assemblies. At the back of each, a man steers the wheels, helping it to negotiate turns.

Along the convoy route are support vehicles, including an extra tractor trailer, boom and bucket trucks, and a series of powerful light trailers.

Once the vats are passed through,

the remaining people begin the process of returning the removed wires, and opening the route once again.

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