Sunday, January 3, 2010

Greeting the new year, Canadian style!

Friday Morning....
First day of the year...
First thing in the monring....
What would you do in this case??
Why, jump into Lake Ontario, thats what!!!
I convinced my brother to go jump in a lake, and funny enough, he convinced his wife and daughter to join him!!
So there we were, Sunnyside Beach, for the Toronto Polar Bear Dip, in support of Habitat for Humanity.
There were dogs in there little jackets:

There was a band:

and even the news guys were there!

All that was left was to start the countdown and head into the water!

Some were very brave, going all the way under.

Global Tv reporter Rob Leth was also on hand, and after the main event, he stripped down to his Globat TV skivies, and dived into the water!

and quickly ran out after his dip!

Now, the only downer (other than the temperature) was some demonstrators who showed up dressed as polar bears, and carrying signs.
Since this was a good thing (support for Habitat for Humanity), I've decided to change my photo of them so that rather than a demonstration, it was a celebration of the event!

And because I don't want these guys to get any promotion at all, I've also done the classic "line through the eyes" to "hide" their identities!!

And I do hope that after they left the event, they didn't get into exhaust producing vehicles, to their oil/gas heated homes, otherwise they are just hypocrites.

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