Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waterloo Aviation Expo/Airshow

Its getting into airshow season, and for me, my first event was the Waterloo Aviation Expo and Airshow, held at Waterloo Regional Aiport.

This was the Second year of the show, and unfortunatley there were some no shows with some of the aircraft, but the big draw was the Snowbirds, who finished the show.

There were some static aircraft, jets, helicopters and prop planes.

One of the great planes to see was the Vintage Wings of Canada F86 Sabre jet, done up in the colours of the Golden Hawks air demonstration team from the early 60's.

Also on hand was the FG1D, better known as the Cosair, also from Vintage Wings.

They performed together for a heritage flight.

Although I missed the very start, the Sabre also performed with the Viper North Mig 15, which did a few passes together, as they were advesaries in the Korean War.

Viper North also brought their L29 jet for a display. The decendant of this trainer was the L159, which at one point was a possible replacement for the Snowbirds.

Also on hand was the Movie Version of the Memphis Belle, a B-17 Flying Fortress.
This one is currently based out of Geneseo, and will be part of the Greatest Show On Turf on the July 9-11 weekend.

One of the more spectacular prop planes was the Jelly Belly Cub of, which had three performances. One was a wild stunt where he "strayed" into the airshow box and had to land, another was a deadstick performance;

and then he attempted to land on top of a relatively small RV! It took a few try's, but he did get it done!

The Candaian Forces was on hand with a Sea King Helicopter, which showed off its skills in hoovering and multi directional flying.

Some other civilian acts also included Harvards from the Canadian Harvard Association;

And a Tiger Moth from the Tiger Boys Aeroplane Works.

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