Sunday, June 20, 2010


The Canadian Armed Forces Demonstration Team (431 Squadron)is famous throughout the world for there spectacular air demonstrations.
Waterloo Aviation Expo and Airshow was lucky enough to have them booked for the Father's Day weekend, and I was eager to watch their 40th anniversary display, and trust me, no one was dissapointed.

The team is made up of 9 pilots, and one of the pilots this year is Capt Yanick Gregoire, who was a former CF-18 demonstration pilot, and thrilled crowds with what he could do with the Hornet.

As a regular visiter of the Toronto Airshow, I don't get many opportunities to see the Snowbirds from start to finish. As this is an airport show, we could watch the planes taxi into place, and take off in three ship groups

The team starts with a nine plane formation (with the classic "look straight ahead for the nine twinkling lights" opening from the commentator, and eventually splits up into two groups of 4, with a solo;

The 4 plane formations do some tricky crossing stunts that really are a treat to watch.

And then there is the 7 plane formation with two solos. These guys do some amazing crossing moves, and make it look easy.

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