Saturday, June 26, 2010

G20 adventures part 1

Well, my brother convinced me to go downtown and check out the planned protests in the streets of TO. The action started at Queens Park, where 2-4 thousand people began a march down University. The adventure started off pretty festive, even with the rain. And I must say that the vast majority of those involved in the march were in good spirits, and although not happy with the police presence, respected their lines.

This guy balanced on the head of the statue at Queen and University.

There was a group of "clowns" who slowly approached the police line, trying to bring a smile to the police officers faces.

This woman danced with a pinwheel;

While this guy assured us that everything is ok!

Lots of news orginizations were on hand to document the protest.

CNN, NBC, CP24, CTV, Global, News 1010, 680, all were on hand.

Pam Seatle was at Queens Park, doing a live shot when a vuvuzela playing gentleman decided to enter the shot!

And from Global, Alex Pierson was in the thick of it doing reports.

During the initial march, the only action was at the US Consulate. As the protestors started to surround the area, RCMP riot member streamed out the door, and manned the barriers. One man got in before they could stop him, but was quckly subdued by 5 police officers, before being hauled away.

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