Sunday, June 20, 2010

Canadian Warplane Heritage Fly Fest

The Canadian Warplane Heritage museum at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport has an amazing collection of both static and flying aircraft, with both prop and jet versions. They are most famous for having one of only a few flying Avro Lancaster bombers, done up to honour Pilot Officer Andrew Charles Mynarski, VC, of 419 (Moose) Squadron, 6 (RCAF) Group.

Every year they have a Fly Fest, which is a small airshow, but really an opportunity for memeber to have a flight on one of the many aircraft.

On hand were some Harvards;

A few biplane Stearmans;

Two C-47 Dakota's were onhand, with one from the Warplane museum, while the other was from the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group. Both flew in formation.

another aircraft offering rides was the Beech C-45 Expeditor;

along with the B25 Mitchell bomber;

Being towed across the airport property (followed for some reason by a Aiport Fire Truck), was the beast of a plane, the Consolidated's PBY 5A Canso. This is a very large float plane, which was used for recon.

On the grounds, many of the static aircraft were also on display. The Golden Hawks Sabre was finished with some platstic covers to replace the skin of the aircraft, giving people a view of the interior of the aircraft.

The Vintage Wings of Canada also brought along the Curtiss P-4ON Warhawk

With a wide angle lens, it may be hard to figure out what this aircraft is;

But from the side, its a very distinct, rocket like CF 104, done up in a Tiger Meet colour scheme.

In fact, its so much like a rocket that a group has converted one to attempt the land speed record for a car, the North American Eagle, a combination canadian/american team effort.

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