Sunday, February 21, 2010


Went down to Humber Bay West park sunday afternoon (Humber Bay park is actually on the Mimico Creek, as the Humber River is further to the east. What's up with that?!). With the great sunshine,and warm weather, there was lots of people about. Much of the river at the outlet was frozen, but as you go south, the open water allowed for more birds, including Mallards. They have such amazing sheen to the green of there heads.

Also there were some Buffleheads. These are amazing little guys who come south from the artic to winter in Toronto. The males have a dark head, that much like a mallard, has an amasing sheen. Instead of only green, they have a rainbow of colours.

This is a female:

Now, in general, anytime I've seen Buffleheads, they have been very shy about being around anyone on shore. As you walk towards the shore, the will swim away. I was feeding the ducks some peanuts, and was completely suprised to see about 10 of these little guys fly over. Then, even more shocking, they were actually eating the peanuts! I can only think they were really hungry to come towards a person on the shore, and to eat the peanuts.

Later, I went to Colonel Sam Smith park where I saw some Mute swans.

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