Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics - City Hall Toronto

On Feb 20, CTV had an olympic celebration at Toronto City Hall. On hand were things like a bobsled photo, mini curling, coke and their little coke bottles, as well as olympic athletes, a trampoline show, and the main event, a series of concert performances.

First up was the ski/trampoline demonstration, featuring Silver medalist(from 2008) Jason Burnett.

Like the earlier Bell show, there was some problems. Here, Jason is sent flying into a tree!

And later joins his partner in a ski jump during the downhill event's in BC!

A gentleman kept the crowds occupied with song in the early portion of the event.

Then Justin Hines did a few songs. He's famous as one of the people who sang the Ontario Tourism songs.

Fefe Dobson then rocked the place with some great songs. Such a powerful voice, then after the song, she would have this small litle "thank you"!

Then the "new" Barenaked Ladies took the stage at 5 o'clock. Its always great to see them play, as they have great songs!

And the banter between songs is legendary. Here's there impromtu "gold medal" song!

Now, I've been watching the olympics on TV, and always find it funny that the TV station runs as many commercials for themselves as they do for their sponsors. Since I'm already watching your station, why do you feel it necessary to tell me over and over again. And they continued this at the event.

Did Alicia Markson know who it was:

Did Ken Shaw know:

or Tom Brown:

Maybe Nathan Downer can guess:

George Lagogianes:

Yup, CTV!

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