Saturday, March 13, 2010

The pee nazi!

I recently attended the Bike Show, held on the CNE grounds, and wandered throughout the building, enjoying the bikes, accessories and shows, which included racing,

and stunts.

After a few hours, I need to hit the bathroom to make, as I like to call it, a donation to the City of Toronto!
With all the camera equipment I have, a generally head into the stall, as I can hang up my camera bag and camera on the coat hook. My brother did the same thing next door. As I'm starting to hang things up, I hear "THIS IS NOT A URINATOR!", apparently directed at my brother. Its repeated, and my brother says "what are you talking about?"
This brings another "THIS IS NOT A URINATOR" followed with a bang on the door and a "CAN YOU NOT HEAR ME?" comment. To this, I respond "I think he can hear you, he is just choosing not to answer you!"

And now the wrath is directed at me! I flush, put on my camera bag, look down, still see yellow and think that maybe I didn't flush, so I flush again, and open the door to find an old man staring at me. He's wearing a shirt indicating he works at the Living Arts Centre, and says "FLUSH". I say I did flush, and he says "Hold the handle". So I do. For about 15 seconds. I say "I was not aware there was a bathroom monitor in this place." I then said "should I head to the principles office?", and he say "ya, you should". He then watches over my shoulder as I wash my hands. Gotta tell you, very interesting experience!!

Now, I wasn't sure what exactly a urinator was, so I googled it, and this is what came up!!

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