Monday, September 26, 2011

World Trip

A weekend ago, I decided to take a day trip, and heck, for fun, why not make it an across the world trip! Sure, it would take a bit of time, but heck, I brought my bike, so that would speed it up.

So I grabbed my flight crew (to take my bike) and headed out!

First stop was Ukraine. Or, is it The Ukraine, I'm just not sure!
I've always loved the traditional costume of the area,

with the skirts and the red boots on the lovely women!

Of course soldiers were around to keep everyone on their best behavoir!

Heading just across the border, I visited Poland.
Again, there were lots of people in traditional costumes,

Again, there were some lovely women,

This guy on a motorcycle cleared through the crowd, and even had a bit of Canadian content with the maple leaves on his bike!

I made a quick stop in Brazil to hear a street drum band perform!

And finally after getting back to North America, I stopped in to see what was happening in Mexico!
There was a band performing for the crowd, and after they finished, there was a contest for, of course, the best traditional costume!

Most of the contestants were small kids, who looked so cut in their costumes, representing the different states (there are 31!)

But the adults were out as well!

I was very tired afterwords, but had an enjoyable day!

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