Sunday, August 29, 2010


It was Buskerfest this past weekend, down on Front St of Toronto.
The event has been held here for the last few years. As I said in my previous posting, the one thing they need is more elevated stages. Well, it was the same this year! And unfortunately, its also becoming a victim of its own success. When I first used to see busker's, it would be at HarbourFront, and you always had a chance to see the act. Now, its so darn busy, that unless your there when it first starts, your in the fifth row of people, all of whom are, of course, taller than you!

Anyways, a great act was the Quebec Russian Bar Trio,

The men, Yves Gagnon and Marco Dieckmann, hold the Russian Bar, while Christine B├ędard performs gymnastic moves that would be impressive on the ground, let alone of the bar.

Another act was FlameOz, which is really designed to be seen at nite.

The Stunt Double Circus who performed with pogo sticks;

The American group Calypso Tumblers, impressed everyone with their straight strength, balancing on each other, as well as tumbling and jumping!

More Photo's will be up on my picture site HERE.

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