Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Torch

Again, thanks to Art at GM, here's some more info about the flame itself.

The official flame is kept in a small latern type device, and travels with the torch relay. Its from this that the runners flames are lit.

Here, one of the officials light a small butane torch, to transfer the flame to the runner.

Its then touched to the torch, to light up the torch.

And with that, the runner is ready to go!

At this point, Art's job takes over. He joins into the convoy, for our trip, about 4 vehicles behind, but including police (Peel and Toronto), paramedics, drop off and pick up buses and other sponsor trucks and trailers.

The torch is transfered each 300m, when the torches are touched together to transfer the flame.

He or she then runs their distance, and passes off to the next person.

When a runner has completed his 300m run, he can choose to stay (usually if he lives close by), and is treated like a rock star!

If not, one of the GM vehicles stops to pick up the runner, and once the bus if full, takes them back to a collection point so that they can head home!

And thats my short version of the torch run!

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