Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bugging Citytv!

I was recently at Yonge Dundas Square, just a few minutes before 5pm. As CityTv is now in the neighbourhood, they are constantly doing stories from the square.
On this day, a camera man and Cynthia Mulligan were setting up for another story on Christmas shopping.(james has a story on it)
As no one was around, I went up and told them that I always bug CityTv staff with the same question: "how could they have fired Larysa Harapyn"!!
The camera man had the best reaction, sort of speechless, and said that once they moved, the entire entertainment section was fired! Cynthia had a more subdued reaction, saying "ya, she was really good", but with a tone that maybe she didn't agree. I asked if they knew if she was doing anything new, but they had no info.

Who knows whats going on, but I will continue bugging any CityTv staff I see as to why they canned her!

Along with that, I've now noticed that Larysa may be working on her own web page, which should be great!

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  1. I COMPLETELY AGREE! I too talk about that dumb move on my twitter from time to time. What's CityNews without entertainment? nothing.