Saturday, May 26, 2012


Every year the fans of Anime get together at the Toronto Congress Centre in all their finery. Lots of wigs, dresses, and weird weapons are produced by those attending, and its always a great show simply to see those who go.
They are even more dedicated to costuming than what I see at Comic Cons and SCi Fi events.
And best of all, they like to hang out in the parking lot, or travel between the many buildings holding the event.
Some of the costumes were simply fantastic, including a wicked pikachu:
Some of the other costumes:
Enzo Matrix from Reboot!
I'm always amazed at how many of the fans of this are female. And I've got to say, they too have some very nice costumes!! Of course, with all these costumes, you get some very interesting women who show up. My favourite, someone I've seen at other events is this woman,

who I've seen before during the pillow fights,

which happend to be arranged by Lori Kufner,
who is the cofounder of Newmindspace.
Here are some of the other lovely women of Anime:
It was well into the evening, and the group was still going before we called it an night, said see you to everyone!

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