Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello New York

With some vacation time due to me, I decided to head south and east, to the coast of the US. I have always wanted to see New York City, and this was my chance.
Crossing the border in Niagara Falls, I drove down to North Bergen, in New Jersey. The Super 8 hotel had a shuttle service, costing 3 bucks, which would take me from the hotel to the Port Authority in New York, all within less than 1/2 hour.

One of the first things I did was hit the Brooklyn Bridge area.

This is a very famous area for great pics, so I had to check it out, both during the nite and the day. It was also my first experience with the famous New York Subway, with it's iconic entrances!

Another great thing to do is walk across the bridge. There are ped and bike lanes, and even volunteers working the bridge to ensure that people don't get run over by the speeding bikers.

Along the route, people have added locks to the various cables used in the bridge construction.

Also down here was the Peir 17 area, which inlcuded tall ships and lots of shopping and eating.

There is also a monument to the Titanic sinking, with a commerative light house.

An information plaque lets people know what the light house if for.

As I started heading north, on Wall St,

I found this monument to the Vietnam war.

Further north is the famous bull of Wall St. The suprising thing was this was secretly placed in the area one nite by its creator. It was then seized by the police, before a public outcry lead the City to return it. Its now fenced off due to the Occupy Wall St activities.

A few blocks later, I find the OWS camp. A public park has been taken over by protestors, who have been camping there for weeks now.

I got a kick out of this Lego scale version of the OWS site, right down to little signs on the lego protestors!

Back in mid town, I discovered Time Square, cause after all, any trip to New York has to include Time Square, the home of neon!

One thing that suprised me about this area is that its not really a square! Two streets cross each other in a large X shape, and the "square" is the space where these two roads meet. Recently they have closed down half of the street to cars, allowing people to sit around the patio chairs/tables.

There is also an area which is similar to a bench seating area.

Some of the characters in Time Square included this guy with his three, food colouring dyed rats!

And the world famous Naked Cowboy was also out and about.

Also in the mid town area were these famous areas:

The David Letterman show,

The Hello Deli, made famous by Dave,

30 Rock, home of Top of the Rock, where you can see the entire City from the observation deck.

Some of those checking out the view included these two guys!

The Rock complex also includes NBC studios.

Just across the street from 30 Rock is the famous Radio City Music Hall.

Grand Central Station was also something that had to be seen, after its stared in so many movies and commercials.

Heading west to the Hudson River is the Intrepid Museum, a World War 2 area carrier, also used during the Vietnam War, which you can explore. Also on hand were a WW2 submarine and a SST British Airways Concorde, on loan from British Airways.
A number of aircraft are displayed on the flight deck, including an A-12, which became the SR-71 Blackbird.

A quick hop on the subway brought me to FAO Schwarz,

a toy store made famous in the movie Big, especially the great piano scene!

A large candy section is also in the store, but overall, I found it much to expensive.

Outside the toy store is the south end of Central Park. A statue of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman was at the entrance to the Grand Army Plaza,

while in the park are examples of Manhattan schist, the rock that makes up the island of New York.

Across the street is the Plaza Hotel, which is a pretty cool looking building!

Part 2 to follow....

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