Friday, October 16, 2009

The Force

I've been fascinated with the groups of Star Wars fans who go all out to create the look of the movie in real life.
I saw some guys at a Milton Fire Department event, and then found out there would be more members at a Pottery Barn for Kids event, so I headed to Sherway Gardens.
On the way, I ended up driving west on the east bound Hwy 401! There was some accident, and as I went from the 410 to the 401, the highway came to a complete stop. Everybody started doing this S turn from southbound 410, to west on the east bound 401, then back the righ direction and off at Dixie Rd! Kind of freaky, and the whole time I was doing it I was thinking "There should be cops here!! This is dangerous" but at the same time, I was glad they were not there or I would sill be in the traffic jam!!
Once at Sherway, there were two stormtroopers, Luke Skywalker, and RTD2. I tell you, it was amazing how many people were fascinated by the experience. Everyone was trying to get photo's with them. Info can be found at the 501st and the Rebel Legion.

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